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videoMOOD Digital Signage, Made Easy
Tailoradio launches the easiest solution available to manage In Store videos.

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Digital Signage, Made Easy

Discover a brand new ease in managing In Store videos with videoMOOD.

Everything is just a click away with user-friendly dashboard, geolocalization of the connected monitors, and player status overviews!
Updating your contents has never been this fast and effective: drag and drop file upload and automatic new schedule generation.

Designed to be natively oriented towards integration, videoMOOD offers effective Magic Tools to the Retailer:
In Store Traffic Analytics, Proximity Marketing, queue management systems, DAM platforms and In Store Radios.




  • Available in Cloud
  • Available with on premise local contents acceleration and in cloud device management
  • Available fully on premise in the Intranet


  • Available for Linux and Android
  • Set up available on premise on an existing hardware
  • Available on proprietary hardware


  • Industrial automation systems
  • Database
  • Analysis systems

Supported Media

  • Video (H.265, 720p, 1080p, 4K)
  • Images (jpg/png)
  • Audio (mp3 256kbps)
  • Video Streaming (rtmp, http, rtsp, rtp)
  • RSS Feeds

Diagnostics Control

  • Software status check
  • Hardware status check
  • Monitor remote control (if supported)
  • Real time notifications and analysis
videoMOOD system architecture